On the Spiti Route: Video

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It’s been quite a while. The grass feels strangely alien under my feet, the soft dampness a cool caress that reminds me of my childhood.

Carefree days under the bright sunlight, ignoring my mom’s calls to come in out of the sun, playing till my feet were raw. Friends, fighting, young love, and wishing that we were more grown up, only to realize that growing up puts more chains on you, not less.

Yes, the grass beneath my feet brings all that back.

It’s strange, then, as I watch my son playing in the grass, how much of myself I see in him. Thirty years shrink into seconds as I overlay the visual of him with my own self. Not much seems to have changed.

And then he reaches into his bag, and pulls out his cellphone and his iPad.


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Team Oddbunch does a ride to Coonoor.

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A new record for the highest number of hits in the first day itself! This guy goes from strength to strength!

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So this is the -long overdue- plan:

Fly to Chandigarh on July 26th, Friday.

Hire bikes in Chandigarh (In Advance, KTMs or Bullets), ride to Leh via Manali starting July 27th, stay two or three days in Leh, and then, depending on the condition of the riders and the bikes, come back via Kargil/Srinagar route or the original route, reach Chandigarh by August 8th.

Two of us at OddBunch confirmed already, we’re in the process of booking our flights to Chandigarh. If you’re interested, please contact me on +91-9740911588 (SMS would be easier) or shilov.mani@gmail.com. If there are more people, planning our luggage, bike rentals, spares and stops would be easier.  Single riders only, age/sex/ethnicity/nationality irrelevant. Come only if you enjoy riding, the ride matters as much as the trip for us.

No charge for the planning, all investments on your own.

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Four members of Team Oddbunch at Kari Motrosports Speedway, in Coimbatore on a trackday conducted by Indimotard. An odd assortment of bikes- A CBR1000RR, a CB1000R, a CBR600RR, and a TZR 250. TZR’s not in the video though. Fun and learning, this was the ultimate schooling!